Monday, December 19, 2011

IC needed for the rescheduled CERT/Boy Scout Camporee March 24th-25th, 2012

Hi folks,

You may remember a few months ago that Fairfax County CERT was tasked to manage an emergency preparedness themed Boy Scout camporee. The event was to take place at the county fire academy; but was cancelled due to some technical difficulties.

The camporee has been rescheduled-the new dates for the camporee are Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th, 2012. The camporee will take place at the Fairfax County fire academy.

This camporee will involve up to 300 Boy Scouts and adult scout leaders. We are tasked to teach their emergency preparedness merit badge to them. In addition, the goal is to also train the Boy Scouts to Teen CERT level qualifications. This is a tall order folks-and we will need at least 35 to 40 CERT members to work this event and make it a rousing success.

In order to lead this event, we need an IC for it. This CERT will be in charge of the operations at the camporee. Working closely with CERT 12's Charles Monts (who organized and IC'ed the last camporee in 2007) the IC will be responsible for getting their teams together; organizing the training stations, ensuring safety and a myriad of other duties.

The IC for this event will put in some hours. Planning hours; learning hours, execution hours.... I won't lie to you-it's a challenge. A challenge in planning, executing and leading this event. Anytime you put 300 kids in one space for any period of time, it's a challenge! But, it is also a perfect opportunity for someone interested in being given a plan for a large, high profile event and executing it to a very high standard.

The ideal IC would be-a CERT 2 or 3 graduate current on their refresher classes status. A CERT that's wanting to lead a large, important "real deal" type event. Someone willing to put in the hours to make it happen. Someone wanting to truly make a difference-not only to the CERT's you lead; but helping 300 kids grasp the principles of disaster preparedness and teaching them CERT techniques as well. Just think-the emergency preparedness concepts taught at the camporee could stay with these teens for a lifetime. That's what I call important, folks..........

Are you up to this task? Are you wanting a challenge? If you are, we're looking for YOU. Please contact me at with your name, email address and CERT class number.