Friday, November 25, 2011

HEADS UP!!! Role play for Exercise 28 December 2011

Volunteer victims are needed for an exercise at the Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale campus. The date is 28 December 2011. I know this is a month out but, with Christmas and News Years planning, I want ya’ll to have an opportunity to get in an event towards your yearly refresher, plus role play is FUN!!
It will be partially indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather .We will not put anybody in a dangerous situation. (Temperature wise) So, it being December, it will be participant dependent to watch the weather and dress appropriately. If it too cold or there is snow and it’s too dangerous to conduct the exercise we will cancel. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the drill, participants may not know the status of the drill, if weather is a problem, until they get to location. The exercise will be somewhere from 1300 - 1500. You should be able to leave shortly following the end of the exercise.
Role players need to be at the location to check in get their assignments, moulaged as needed and then placed at 10:00 - 10:30.
As always, bring something to sit/lay on and something to do, Kindle, etc. and probably a snack and water.
Contact Kevin, our victim/actor coordinator to be put on the list and to get the actor handout. The Assumption of Risk form will need to be filled out prior and brought with you.