Monday, October 31, 2011

A message from a CERT IC worth reposting

I got this letter yesterday-it's from an IC for Saturday's exercise. It's worth reposting.


Hello Everybody,

The tremendous success of Saturdays exercise is a testament to the expert training provided by Steve Willey, Mike Forgy and Richard, I don't know your last name but it should be "Superman", in the "Carry" portion of our training Richard put me on his back and carried me across the class room, and I'm 6'7 250. These 3 guys are the "Grand Masters" of rescuing the masses.

This was my 1st time as an Incident Commander and I'm grateful that I was chosen to run operations in Delta building (5) Its a fact that a team will take on the persona of its leaders, and "Big Country Jackson" set the tone from the git go. He was cool, confident and believed in me and the IC for Hotel team whose name I can't remember, but I haven't forgotten your actions. I know why he was chosen to be an IC, I worked with him at the "Capital Shield" exercise and if you don't know him let me tell you he does everything well.

I take my hat off to Alex, Penny and Laura for doing the work of 10 people in Deltas medical area, we were short handed and couldn't provide them help until Jackson sent us reinforcements from Hotel team.
Once teams of 2 from Hotel began arriving they were immediately given 2-4 green tags to commandeer on extraction and transportation of victims to medical.

I also broke an existing Delta team in two and filled in the 2 teams with green tags.

The overall Logistics team can only be compared to "Radar" from M.A.S.H.....whatever I needed I got, including asking their assistance to help clear victims out of a room who were red tags so medical could expand operations into that room. Also those extra stretchers you got me enabled those reinforcements Jackson sent to do their job...bravo. Folks we had a lot of victims in Delta building 5, I was told there was at least double what Hotel had. Buy the end of the day Deltas medical area encompassed 4 rooms.

You stretcher carriers have the heart of a lion, it was cold, dark and the terrain was treacherous, but they went off into the darkness time and time again until everyone was brought back.

Andrew is who I chose to be the scribe for me at Delta IC. This guy is an "Accounting Ninja", he tracked CERT's flowing in and out of IC like it was Grand Central Station, he constantly checked and rechecked his stats with Whitney and Deltas medical accountants who were awesome. Spencer and the tall gentleman whom I'm sorry I forgot his name , but he is great.

Radios were beneficial for IC to speed up requests, transmissions were kept to a minimum.

I also want to commend Mike Hanlon for his performance throughout the course and on the final exercise, he is only 16 but was given permission to attend training if I sponsored him, he is as strong as a bull and his stretcher team carried more victims to medical than any other during Saturdays exercise.

These are all the CERT emails I have so whoever has the master list please forward this to every CERT whether they were there Saturday or not. We all benefit from sharing situations encountered in the field, what worked , what didn't etc...

This was a tough but rewarding day, there is something to be said about those who put themselves in harms way for total strangers, "He who gives himself to save another will certainly be saved" (Jesus Christ)...perhaps its best simply stated as "They are heroes"!

I invite you all to visit my website/blog Global Strategic Survival Solutions, and read "Your neighbors will be your first responders" along with this awesome training hopefully this will help you prepare and organize your community against disaster.

Thank you CERT veterans for donating your time to make us better, and thank you everybody for your friendship.

Your Friend

Eric "Kong" Bjerke