Monday, October 10, 2011

Logistics Team Organizes CERT Trailer

Some of you may be saying, "So what, big deal". Well after a number of us have gone to the trailer to get things we need for Outreach or classes and with Fall CERT 2 class getting ready to have their final exercise, (we move the trailer to the exercise site) WE REALLY needed to get into the trailer and organize it!!!

Training got their backpack order in for the next zillion classes all at once. All of that was placed in the trailer along with the Outreach material that comes in and out regularly and exercise and real world supplies. This added up to a MESS!!! I took pictures of the before and after of our work. Thanks to Lani, our Logistics coordinator and her to assistants, Alia Carbone and Faith McCormick, for organizing this CERT "G.I." party. Lani brought bagels and cream cheese. I didn't know they made smoked salmon cream cheese, Lani's favorite!

We pulled most everything out - I can't believe that all that was in the trailer.
We have tied down and secured loose items for the most part, organized the Outreach materials for easier access and just general made better access for all materials in the trailer.
We are hoping to get a donated storage space soon and will be storing some things (backpacks and CPR Andy & Annie) off-site.

Judy Howell
29/East Team
Fairfax County CERT
Volunteer PIO

Here is what we did: