Friday, August 19, 2011

BSA Disaster Camporee 15-16 October 2011- Need 30 + CERT 2's --HEADS -UP--

30 Plus CERT 2 members needed for this BSA Disaster Camporee. Its to be held at the Fairfax county Fire and Rescue Academy on Saturday 15 October thru Sunday 16 October.
Basically everyone will arrive before 9am and a CERT member will be assigned to each scout patrol (8 boys accompanied by 2 adult scout leaders). The boys will be 15 years old or better and have completed their requirement for the First Aid merit badge.
CERT member will assume his team showed up after the disaster and asked how they could help. CERT member will train the volunteer scouts at each station (search and rrescue, logistics, medical, etc.)before the scouts perform the exercise at the stations.
Each scout will earn the Emergency Perparedness merit badge and granduate as a Teen CERT.
The scouts will be staying the night at the Fire Academy, you will not.

A pre Camporee CERT briefing/refresher will be held prior to the camporee. Date and time to be announced.

Please, contact Charles Monts at Please, CC Terry at

We also, have the Fire house open houses that same weekend, so please be aware will may need more people for that as well.

If you haven't completed a refresher or other outreach events to satisfy you as current, this would be the events to do that..
September (National Prepredness Month) and October have tons of outreach and events like Capital Shield to support.