Thursday, August 5, 2010

CERT Animal Response I &II

Hello CERT trainers, coordinators, members and advocates,

The CERT National Program Office is pleased to announce the release of two new supplemental training modules, CERT Animal Response I and CERT Animal Response II. The new Animal Response modules are the first in a series of supplemental training modules building on the disaster response training that program participants receive in the CERT Basic Training course. The supplemental modules are designed to expand the skills of CERT members and teams, and to increase CERT’s ability to support emergency response professionals. The Animal Response modules, as well as other CERT supplemental training to be released in the future, are intended for those who have completed the basic training.

The Animal Response modules generally address pets, service animals, “for-profit” livestock, wildlife, exotic animals and non-commercial livestock such as horses. CERT Animal Response I (three hours) will teach CERT members emergency preparedness for animal owners, animal-related functions in emergency management and how to recognize specific animal behaviors.

CERT Animal Response II (four hours) will teach members their role in responding to animal issues and the skills needed when they encounter animals while performing their broader CERT response functions. As in all CERT training, these new supplemental modules also feature CERT responder safety.

The training materials for each module include an Instructor Guide, Participant Manual and PowerPoint file. CERT instructors may download the materials from the National CERT website. Please go to Training Materials on the CERT home page and then select CERT Supplemental Training,

We hope you enjoy the new CERT supplemental modules and that you find these additional training resources useful.

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Thank you for your ongoing commitment to community resilience and to CERT!


CERT National Program Office
Individual & Community Preparedness Division
Federal Emergency Management Agency