Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog Praised for Saving Couple/ Home from Fire

SPRINGFIELD, Va. - Fairfax County (web | news) neighbors say a "hero dog" helped save their lives by warning them about a fire.

Charred wood is what remains of Bill and Monique Brooks' back patio in Springfield, but they aren't complaining. They're thankful to have survived.

"There were two propane tanks under here, the house could have really gone up," said Bill Brooks. ABC 7 Talkback:
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Their hero was a cunning canine named Lucy. The four-year-old Central Asian Shepherd's barking next door used to be a nuisance, but in the early morning hours of July 5 it was a lifesaving alarm.

"I told her to shut up and she would not shut up. So I got up and went around the back of the house and there it was - a big fire," said David Hull.

Lucy's owner Dave grabbed this garden hose and went to work knocking down flames for his neighbors. Within minutes Fairfax County firefighters arrived.

Firefighters say Lucy demonstrated valor last weekend and welcomed her to fire station Friday for praise and pictures.

"She did a good thing," said one firefighter.

As for the Brooks, they're not complaining about barking anymore.

"I think she has a big mouth but lucky she has a big mouth," stated Monique Brooks.
"If it hadn't been for the dogs barking - our house would definitely be burned down, quite sure," stated Bill Brooks.

Firefighters say a lot of dogs will try to hide from fire, which makes lucy all the more brave. She's a guardian breed and clearly, she takes that job pretty seriously.