Monday, April 19, 2010

CERT National Program Office releases new set of CERT training videos

Expanding on Jack's earlier post ...

The CERT National Program Office is pleased to announce that a new set of CERT training videos has been posted to the national CERT website. In addition to their primary use by CERT instructors during delivery of the CERT Basic Training course, the videos can used for review by individuals and teams who have completed their basic training. The CERT in Action video can also be used by CERT coordinators/managers to help promote the program. Three of the videos depict effective trainer techniques in demonstrating and coaching CERT skills in the classroom. These are intended for use in the CERT Train-the-Trainer course. To ensure they are accessible to a broad audience, each video is also available in closed-caption format or with Spanish subtitles. The videos can be downloaded and viewed at your computer, or copied onto a DVD. Please visit the national CERT website at to view these eight titles.

CERT in Action
CERT Training: Disaster Psychology
CERT Training: Safety in the After-Disaster Environment
CERT Triage: Handling Mass Casualty Situations
Fire Safety: The CERT Member's Role
Demonstrating Victim Carries
Demonstrating Head-to-Toe Assessment
Coaching Hands-On Practice - Victim Extrication



p.s. You may see some familar faces :)