Sunday, March 28, 2010

CERT Train-the-Trainer: March 26 and 27th

13 Fairfax County CERT volunteers (plus one from JMU) went through CERT Train-the-Trainer Friday and Saturday. Of course, Charlie came prepared both mornings with coffee and all the fixings. We found out that the CERT "make a bridge" exercise is really easy when the lights are on and the lead instructor isn't screaming "5 minutes left." I even put a "CERT Rocks!" flag on ours.

We had a chance to discuss student learning styles and gained insight on how to be better instructors. This is the true value of the course. We have been trained (and retrained by association) in the CERT program but this was the first formal instruction most of us had in adult education teaching methodologies. We also prepared 10-15 teaching segments that we performed in front of the class. You really found out how fast (or how slow!) 10 minutes can go by!

Big thanks to Jeff Katz who brought by bagels on Saturday morning and to Lisa Perry who arranged the class up in the "wilds of northern Virginia." Thanks also to the students who took vacation time from work to help improve our CERT program. As always, you rock.