Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CERT Demonstrates its capabilities at the Home & Garden Show

During the weekend of February 27, the CERT Fairfax Team hosted a demonstration area at the Fairfax Home & Garden. Below is an insight into the excellent job that the men and women of CERT Fairfax did during the event.

From our Incident Commander during the Fairfax Home & Garden Demonstration, James Sobecke

In staying with the Fairfax County CERT Training program the following After Action Report provides a quick synopsis of the recent Outreach event that was conducted at the Dulles Expo Center. Note the use of “CALMR” to illustrate that the core principles of CERT were followed in the “response” and execution of an Incident Action Plan.

Incident name: Fairfax County CERT Demonstration at Capital Home and Garden Show
Command – Incident Command established on Thursday (Feb 25) at 1430 hours, and terminated on Sunday (Feb 28) at 1815 hours by James (CERT 32).
The Command Post was located at the rear of the CERT Trailer for the duration of the event. Active CERT participation for public outreach and demonstrations coincided with show opening hours: Thursday 5-9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm.
Accountability – The Incident Commander maintained a roster of CERT participants during incident events from projections received by e-mail and telephone calls leading up to the event. Derek Rowan, Jeffery Katz and Terry sent e-mail requests to the Fairfax County CERT members requesting their support. All participants reported to the Command Post at their scheduled time. Sufficient personnel were available throughout the event, however some demonstrations were shortened at the point of ‘victim transport’ due to lag of bystander (GREEN tag) volunteers to assist with a safe 6-person carry.
Logistics – The new Fairfax County Fire and Rescue CERT Trailer provided the base of operations, and secure storage of materials and equipment. The large CERT Outreach display was utilized as the backdrop for the incident scene (outreach table and demonstration set). The set for the demonstration was fabricated using 6 pallets to create a void for the ‘trapped’ victim. Load binding straps were utilized to secure and stabilize the set. The set was designed for repeated use, and the demonstration scenario and actions by the CERT teams to illustrate the basic CERT training in light search and rescue.
Medical – The demonstration provided a basic illustration of victim triage and field expedient treatment of two simple injuries.
Rescue - The victim was evaluated as YELLOW so that immediate removal from danger and movement to a treatment area could be demonstrated. Audience participation was solicited for two GREEN victims to assist with a 6-person LIFT and CARRY of the patient to end the demonstration.

A special thank you to all CERT participants:
Alia, Barbara, Bob & Grace, Charles, Dawn, Dexter, Gert, J.C., Kevin, Terry, Andrew, Jack & Susy, Joan, Luis, Marco, Mike, Patty, Phyllis, Robin, Todd, Tom, William, Judy, Steve.

Additional note from Matteo and Terry
A special thank you goes to James Sobecke, who was one of the driving forces in the preparation of this event, one of the largest-scale events in our outreach program. James' work and dedication is one of the elements behind the success of this weekend. His work as a coordinator during the planning phases, and as an Incident Commander (IC) during the event is to be commanded. Good job, James, and thank you!