Sunday, February 28, 2010

Changing of the PIO guard...Welcome our new CERT volunteer PIO!

Hi folks!
This will be my last post as your volunteer PIO. I've accepted a new position with my old company, in a new and more exciting/demanding/time intensive role. Between the commute and the demands of running a very busy rental operation; I will no longer have the time to devote to volunteer PIO duties. (Who's the most important person?)
Since taking on this position in August, 2007 I've seen CERT outreach grow from doing single events to working over 125 events a year-from running an outreach booth at small community events to putting on extrication demonstrations for thousands at the Home and Garden show this weekend. Folks, CERT outreach has grown by leaps and bounds; much like the program overall.
I'm proud to say I had a part in making this happen. And it has been just a small part; because each and every one of YOU have made this growth happen. Each time you put on your vest and PPE, each time you tell a neighbor about the stuff you did during training; you did outreach duties. You all have let people know who we are and what we're all about-furthering interest and participation in the Fairfax County CERT program. (And I bet you told people about creative uses of duct tape and sharpies too!) Together we have made this program one of the finest in the country. I am honored to have helped in this quest to prepare the community at large for disasters. And I've had a blast doing it too!

Please welcome our new volunteer PIO, Matteo Recanatini. Matte0 a graduate of CERT 39 and has a first class resume in PR, marketing and outreach activities. He does promotion, PR and marketing professionally; and has stepped up to offer his wealth of experience to the program. CERT will benefit in a huge way from his expertise. Matteo, welcome aboard!
The email address will transfer over to him very shortly; for now this email can be used to reach him-
I have one final request for all members of the CERT family-welcome Matteo, support him as much as you can and help carry the CERT program forward !

Thanks to all of you for your support and camaraderie over the years; I am honored to have served a group of such fine people and such a fine organization.

You ROCK, Fairfax County CERT!