Saturday, February 6, 2010

A CERT way to help during "Snowmageddon 2010"..

Hi folks!
I wanted to show you some beautiful sights-to our firefighters. I know we're all drowning in two feet or more of snow right now; but so are the fire hydrants.

If a building is on fire, every second counts. Firefighters having to locate and dig out snow covered fire hydrants just slows down response times; time that can truly make a difference in saving lives and property. Some, but not all fire hydrants in the county have flags attached to them for easy locating. (The ones in my community do not). We CERT members can do an important service that will help our neighbors and our families. And it's GREAT exercise too!

If you have a fire hydrant in your neighborhood, dig it out! I was told by one of the county fire marshals that digging a 3 foot space around a snow buried fire hydrant is a HUGE help to them. This simple act allows easy access to attach hoses and manouver around the hydrant.
Be safe! while doing this; and remember the most important person-ME. There is no priority list of fire hydrants; all of them need to be visible and accessible.

For example, I live in a 165 apartment community in the south county area. The roads in the community have been untouched. There are five fire hydrants on the property and all of them were almost completely covered with drifting snow. None of them have marking flags on them either. I dug all of them out. If a fire occurs here; it will take additional minutes for the fire department to get into the community-because our community has not been plowed yet. But, valuable time will be saved because all of the hydrants are cleared off and ready for use.
I can also tell you it is a great way to meet your neighbors, and it's a sure fire way to cure cabin fever!

your volunteer PIO