Thursday, January 7, 2010

Frostival 2010 with a CERT Twist

How can you get the CERT message across to 2 to 12 year olds without scaring them for life?
Make it a GAME.

Our Outreach Team came up with a fun game that was informative as well as giving the player a prize. Who doesn't like getting a prize!!! So, the kids got to stick their hand in a green box filled with white plastic peanuts and pull out a piece of paper with a question. If the answer was given correctly (with help from mom or dad, or the ever helpful CERT booth babes or dudes) a nifty pen light or CERT pen was given. This game drew a crowd!!

We also had a quieter coloring page activity. 275 Preparedness Activity books were handed out as well. And we got a full page of parental sign ups for CERT classes. Those of you CERTs that were nursing a hangover; you missed a great event. We had a booth location near the stage. We got to see plenty of talent, from ballet to tap, rap to obo and belly dancers. Patty from CERT 19, Barbara from CERT 14, and your outreach team Kevin, Terry and Judy all have a head start on their 2010 refresher requirements.
But, don't worry.CERT has the next great outreach event coming up in Feburary. See the next post!!

your outreach coordinator