Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Welcomes your CERT Planning Committee

The New Year brings an exciting change to your CERT program. A CERT Planning Committee (CERTPC) has been formed with members of our own CERT community. The members are, Kevin M. #20, Chairman; Steve R. #14, C0-Chair; Bob G. #22, Secretary; Lani Y. #4 and Faith M. #27. The Volunteer Liasion's office provides support from the Fire & Rescue Department. The five members of the committee represent a cross section of motivated CERTs who have been charged with directing the future of the Fairfax County CERT program. The committee is currently looking at expanding membership involvement, training, recognition programs and outreach events. We are pleased to announce that a the first Bridge class (CERTs from level 1 to 2) will begin in late February and we will have a graduation/recognition ceremony in late March. We will be asking for many volunteers to assist with our de-centralization program along with new positions. The committee meets monthly and wants your input. An email link should be up shortly and you are encouraged to email us with your idea's.

Our Mission Statement:
The Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team Planning Committee is created to develop an organizational structure and awareness of the program throughout the County. To develop training opportunities with the goal to expand, involve, recognize, retain and utilize its active membership. To prepare and assist citizens to do the most good for the most people in emergency situations effectively and efficiently without endangering themselves.

Kevin M., Chairman