Monday, November 30, 2009

Not to say I told you so...but.....

So… is now time for the inevitable post-Thanksgiving, “I Told You So”...the following sample of stories are from throughout the country and highlight the dangers of turkey fryers:

MCCOOK, Neb. (AP) — A juvenile boy was treated for possible smoke inhalation and released from a local hospital after a Thanksgiving Day fire in McCook investigators blamed on a turkey fryer. Fire officials say the heat from a turkey fryer being used inside the garage touched off the fire. The heat built up in the ceiling as two turkeys were cooked and something in the attic began to smolder. The fire spread quickly throughout the attic and into the basement after a nitrous oxide tank for a car exploded.Investigator Ryan Sylvester declined to identify the boy hurt because he is a juvenile. The house is a total loss with about $250,000 damage.One cat died as a result of the fire. Two dogs escaped with the family.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Authorities in Ohio say a turkey fryer caused a house to catch fire as the homeowner was preparing a Thanksgiving meal.
Columbus firefighters say no one was injured in the fire Thursday. They contained it to the back of the two-story house.
The turkey fryer was set up outside near the back door. Capt. Mike Zuber said a propane tank had a worn hose that caused a gas leak, sparking the blaze.
The fire spread to a nearby wood pile and a pickup truck.
The homeowner's identity wasn't immediately released. Zuber says one other family member was home at the time.
Damage was estimated at $15,000.

HUMMELS WHARF — Twenty people were just about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner at the Rivera residence early Thursday evening when four fire trucks crashed the party.
The garage area of the home of Robin Welch and Carlos Rivera at 99 Creek Road was
ablaze when they rushed in.
It was about 5 p.m. Rivera had been cooking one turkey upstairs in the regular
oven and one in the garage by a propane-fueled deep fat fryer method.
He said he checked on the turkey in the garage, and everything was fine, and he
went back upstairs into the kitchen,
which was directly above the garage.
“It wasn’t 30 seconds later,” he said, “I saw smoke coming up by the window.”
Hummels Wharf Fire Chief Jeff Buckley said the garage was fully involved when they
arrived, with flames coming out of both garage doors.

Princeton, KY- Hot grease from a propane-fueled deep fryer is believed to be the cause of a blaze that destroyed two buildings and left more than 20 people homeless Wednesday.
The smoke rose in great pillaring clouds that could be seen from as far
away as the Cadiz Road exit on Interstate 24, 10 miles away.
The property is owned by Marlin Robertson, who was deep-frying a turkey in
a storage area inside the lumber company building
when the fire broke out.
Francis said water in the frozen bird converted to steam when it hit the
oil in the fryer
, causing the grease to blow out of the fryer and ignite.
A few other residents were also transported, most for smoke inhalation.
Another tenant, an adult female, was airlifted from the medical center to Western Baptist Hospital for a heart-related issue, investigators said.
Firefighters made entry into the building, set up an aerial truck and used
a piercing nozzle to try and fight back the blaze, but the building’s
composition proved resistant to those efforts.