Monday, October 12, 2009

CERT at the Fire Department open house event!

Hi folks!
On Saturday, October 10th a number of CERT's helped "talk CERT" at the fire and rescue department open house event. CERT members were in 5 stations for this event-McLean, Vienna, Centreville, Burke and Woodlawn/Alexandria.
CERTs manned outreach booths in these locations, talking to citizens about CERT and emergency preparedness. In the Woodlawn station, CERT members conducted demonstrations of CERT capabilities as well as manning a CERT info booth here. This was a fun event for the CERTs and informative for the citizens who learned about us.
Being in these fire stations for the day was great! We got to see the stations; the people in each of the stations treated us like family. We all had a great time!
Here are the people who helped, give them a huge "YOU ROCK"for their efforts! An album of pictures from the stations are on the Fairfax county CERT Facebook page at

#1 McLean
Lani from CERT 4
Sandra from CERT 34

#2 Vienna
Bruce from CERT 38 (his first outreach event and he handled it like a pro!)
Andrew from CERT 15

#14 Burke
James from CERT 32
Bob and Grace from CERT 34

#17 Centreville
Terry, your volunteer PIO
Scott from CERT 39, the south county CERT basic class. (his first outreach event-GREAT job Scott!)

#24 Woodlawn-our CERT demo team!
Judy, our outreach coordinator from CERT 29
Patty from CERT 19
Jonathan from CERT 29
Michael from CERT 34

Thanks to all for your efforts!

your volunteer PIO