Thursday, September 24, 2009

CALLING ALL CERTS FD open house help needed!

October 10, Fire station open houses are fast approaching. We could use some help for this very large, high profile event.

The times for these open houses are 9 am to 4 pm.

Here is who is helping so far-

Burke #14 has Grace and Bob from CERT 34 for 1/2 day and James from CERT 32, but more the merrier.
Mclean #1 has Lani from CERT 4 and we could use at least one more here.

Vienna #2 has Bruce from CERT 38, but could use one or two more here.

Centreville #17 is NOT covered yet-I need two or more people to cover this station.

Woodlawn #24 has lonely ole me,Johnathan from CERT 29, Patty from CERT 19 and her two "victims" stay until 1400. They have asked us to do LIVE EXTRICATION DEMO's here. I can't do that myself. I would like 4 to 5 people to cover Woodlawn.

The stations get lots of traffic on these days, hence lots of CERT exposure. Ideally, two to three people per station, with the exception of Woodlawn would be good. We could use more there. You could do shifts so that it would make for a shorter day for all, and CERT company is always welcome. AND the fire stations feed us and firehouse chow is great.

I have put together the outreach kits for each station and the lead CERT for each station will need to meet me at the Fire Academy to pick up the kits and displays on Wednesday the 7th about 730pm.

Folks, last year we were at 4 stations, this year we are at 5 and one of them, Woodlawn is a career fire station. You know, some firefighters don't know what CERT is, nevermind John-Q public.
Lets step up and get a strong CERT presence at these stations! So,if you would like to help, email terry at or Judy, our outreach coordinator at (and CC one or the other of us so both of us have your information)with the following "stuff":

1.your name and CERT class number (these events are open to CERT basic and CERT 2 class graduates)
2.your email address and a good phone number
3. and most importantly, which event you would like to participate in.

CERT outreach coordinator