Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Teen CERT train the trainer training available!

Hi folks!
This is a really unique training opportunity, forwarded to us by Linda Rubin.Linda is the state Citizen Corps program manager from the Virginia department of emergency management.CERT members can take advantage of this by following the web links provided below.

your volunteer PIO

Fellow CERT members,

I am sure all will agree the future of our world is in our “teens”, and some may hop on the opportunity to enroll in the Teen CERT Train the Trainer class offered by Eastern State University in September!

Participants interested in credit can receive 2.2 CEU’s and a world class experience to take the Teen CERT program forward into schools, scouts, faith and youth groups, youth centers, etc!

Please hurry, as the class starts in just over a month! Registration is on line: www.vaemergency.com. Click on the links-Training calendar- Citizen Corps/CERT, see Teen CERT Train the Trainer.

Grant funding for this course will not be available in 2010, so help us fill the class to take advantage of this unique opportunity now!

Here is some information on Teen CERT-more is available at www.citizencorps.gov

Since 2006, Eastern Michigan University, along with its partners at Citizen Corps and the Department of Homeland Security, has been able to conduct Teen CERT Instructor Training around the Country. Over 900 instructors nationwide have affected the lives of over 10,000 youth by enabling them to respond to crisis and events that require an advanced level of disaster response capabilities. Through this enablement process, students have empowered themselves to respond to events, and have thus rescued individuals trapped under debris after a tornado, saved lives of individuals caught in a rip tide, and provided medical first responder skills in numerous instances. Through the actions of these trained youth, many people owe not only their lives to the student responder and the skills learned in Teen CERT, but these students eased the pain and suffering of individuals who were victims of accidents.

Your loyal cheerleader,

Linda Rubin

Citizen CorpS Program Manager

Virginia Department of Emergency Management