Sunday, July 26, 2009

National Night Out is August 4th.

Hi folks!

We are still looking for volunteers to participate in the national night out outreach event on Tuesday, August 4th. This is a nationally recognized crime prevention outreach effort; with events scheduled nationwide. In Fairfax County, there are already 126 various outreach events scheduled, with more sure to come. You can find out more info at the following web link:

If you like to talk about CERT, enjoy riding in a police car to various events in the county and helping teach others about the need for emergency preparedness-then this event is for you!

CERT members can participate within their local areas. There are events scheduled within every district in the county.

To join in on the fun; we will need your name, your CERT class number, date of birth,email address and a phone number. Simply send an email to me at with that information. (This information is necessary for FCPD to complete a "ride along" form on each CERT participant.) CERT participation in national night out is open to both CERT basic and CERT 2 graduates.

I know some of you work the national night out event within your own communities-that's great! If you are participating in an event, let us know about it! (Also let us know if you might need some CERT outreach materials.)

Come on out and join the fun!


your volunteer PIO