Monday, June 8, 2009

CERTs at Celebrate Fairfax-a recap for you

Hi folks!
This weekend CERT members handled an operational role at Celebrate Fairfax. We managed the child registration booths at this large fair, and ran the CERT outreach booth as well.
CERT members were on site all three days of the event; working in shifts to ensure the youngest festival guests stayed safe in case they got lost.
Thanks to those who helped work our largest outreach (and operational role) event of the year! This group ROCKED this weekend!

Terry from CERT 14-your volunteer PIO
Kevin from CERT 20-your actor coordinator
Judy from CERT 29 our outreach coordinator
Randy from CERT 23
Sandra from CERT 34
Patty from CERT 19
Donna from CERT 1
Bob from CERT 34
Grace from CERT 34
Donna from CERT 1
and Lani from CERT 4

Check out more pictures from this event on our Fairfax County CERT page on !

your volunteer PIO