Tuesday, June 2, 2009

CERT outreach at the Potomac Valley/River Bend Civic Association

While some CERT's were working at the Herndon festival, having a good time, we had another event going on. The "hardest working lady in CERT outreach", our outreach coordinator Judy was also working. She was invited to the Potomac Valley/River Bend civic association spring fling event; where she "talked CERT" to the crowds. Her writeup on the event is below.
Thanks to Judy and to Jeanne, one of our CERT family for setting up this great event!
your volunteer PIO

Hey Folks,

My appearance at the PVRB Spring Fling was a great success.! Thanks to CERT Jeanne's efforts, she got 19 names for the community's CERT basic class. Jeanne says that they may be able to come up with a church hall for the classroom.
Judy (29)