Saturday, May 9, 2009

CERT operations at upcoming events update

Hi folks!
I wanted to put up a list of the volunteers I have for the upcoming CERT operational roles at events . If you have signed up I should have your name on here; if not please send me an email at with your name, your CERT class number and a contact phone number (preferably a cell number).

We are still looking for help! If you would like to participate; operational roles are a great way to apply what you have learned in CERT class. We will be giving logistic support, managing crowds when EMS is running an emergency call on the event grounds; and working the child registration stations at the larger events. During the ambulance chase we will be working as course safety marshals.
Those who have worked in these support roles before can tell you just how important we are to the smooth running of those events.We do important, much needed and necessary work in these support roles. Working these events also gives the Fire and Rescue department much needed support in these times of tight budgets. Let's help them out! Participation by CERT 1/CERT Basic class graduates is welcomed; come out and meet your CERT extended "family"!
Have fun and put your knowledge to use!

Remember, you can participate in three outreach events per calendar year; this will fulfill your requirement for a yearly refresher class. Participation in Celebrate Fairfax counts as a yearly refresher itself.

Here are the upcoming events and those who have signed up so far:

Viva Vienna Friday May 22 through Sunday, May 24th
Terry from CERT 14-folks, I could use a little help with this one!

The Ambulance Chase 5k run-Saturday May 23rd,8-11am

Grace and Bob from CERT 34
Gert from CERT 38
Judy from CERT 29
James from CERT 32
Bob from CERT 21
Sandra from CERT 34

Herndon Festival - Thursday May 28 through Sunday May 31
We could use more help for this event. The Herndon festival and Celebrate Fairfax are large events attended by LOTS of guests.
Eydie from CERT 23
Peter from CERT 34
Randy from CERT 23
Peter from CERT 34
Randy from CERT 23
Donna from CERT 1
Bennie from CERT 31
Terry from CERT 14

Vintage Virginia (Bull Run Park) - Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31
So far we have no takers for this event. Interested? Email me!

Celebrate Fairfax - Friday June 5 through Sunday June 7
This is an event attended by upwards of 500,000 people. We could use more help here if you are interested!
*********We also need a CERT IC for this event.******** If you are interested in being the CERT incident commander for the weekend, please email Derek. This opportunity is open to CERT 2 and CERT 3 members.
Judy our outreach coordinator-She will be manning the CERT outreach booth.
Friday June 5th
Randy from CERT 23
Terry from CERT 14

Saturday June 6th
Randy from CERT 23
Terry from CERT 14
Patty from CERT 19
Bob from CERT 34
Grace from CERT 34

Sunday,June 7th
Terry from CERT 14

Spend a few hours, "get refreshed"; and come out and help!

your volunteer PIO