Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WMATA Training for CERT Members

WMATA has been offering three-week rail safety courses for CERT members for the past five years. The class, which is intended for those who ride the Metro on a regular basis, meets three consecutive Wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm at WMATA headquarters in DC.

The first week is a terrorism module and takes place entirely at headquarters. The second and third weeks the class begins at headquarters and then continues elsewhere. Week two the class travels as a group to the Brentwood railyard where they learn the layout of Metro cars, the location of emergency supplies on each car, and the best way to evacuate the cars. Week three the group travels to one of the tunnels to learn how to navigate a tunnel and the third rail in an emergency.

Attendance at all three classes is required to complete the training. The class size is limited to 13, as that is the maximum number allowed in the tunnels at one time. For weeks two and three, students must wear sturdy work or hiking boots (without steel toes, as that is a conductor) and clothing that can get dirty and in which they can jump over things (no skirts). Valuables are best left at home those weeks.

All participants must pass a criminal background check conducted by Metro police prior to the start of class. For that, WMATA needs full name, SS#, race, sex and birthdates of each student.

Once a year those who have completed the training are invited to participate in a self-evacuation exercise to practice what they have learned.

Those who complete the training are considered "Metro Citizen Corps" members by WMATA.

The training is available to those who are preferably NIMS compliant, active-duty CERT members, and regular riders of the Metro.

Dates include:
June 3rd WMD/TARR
June 10th train overview
June 17th Tunnel walk

To sign up, please call Dana at 703-246-4683 to reserve your spot now!