Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NEWS FLASH with UPDATE-CERT members needed for operational roles at upcoming events!

Hi folks,
Fairfax County CERT has been offered an opportunity for CERT members to fill operational roles at some major upcoming county events. We will be working directly with the Fire and Rescue department's on-site personnel; to include help at the first aid tents,general logistics duties and crowd control help during EMS calls.

The upcoming events are as follows:

Herndon Festival - Thursday May 28 through Sunday May 31

Vintage Virginia (Bull Run Park) - Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31

Viva Vienna May 22-24 (This event is now a "go" as well).

The final, and largest event will be:

Celebrate Fairfax - Friday June 5 through Sunday June 7

In addition to the above mentioned duties (logistics, aide tents, crowd control );CERT members will also be running the child registration booths at this event. We will have a CERT outreach booth too. This event has attendance of 500,000 plus people on average.

Interested CERT members participating in any of these events would be expected to provide a minimum 3-4 hour block of time and would be working side by side with FD personnel.

If you are interested in participating in ANY of these events, please email me at Please give me your name, your CERT class,what event and what shift you would be interested in working. We will need lots of help!
Folks, this is an ideal opportunity to work side by side with our Fire and Rescue department. It's fun,it's educational and it is a great way to show what CERTs can do when asked to step up and help the community.

your volunteer PIO