Monday, April 20, 2009

CERT and the FY 2010 budget. Some GREAT news for you...

Hi folks!
Today the "mark up",or final draft of the Fairfax county FY 2010 budget was released by the county board of supervisors.The final copy of this budget is due to be signed on April 27th.

You may remember that our CERT program was facing an uncertain future; due to the proposed cutting of the management analyst in the fire department office of the volunteer liaison. Dana administers our CERT program; without her our CERT could have become an orphan program.

Tonight I am very pleased to say that CERT IS SAFE. Her position has been taken out of consideration for elimination. Folks, we keep our CERT program and CERT stays under the administration of the Fire and rescue department! The links below show the various budget restorations and adjustments that were made to the FY 2010 budget.

The FD office of the volunteer liaison (which has exactly two people in it) manage the affairs of 250 operational volunteer firefighters, 260 fire department administrative volunteers AND 373 plus Fairfax County CERT members. Two people do this......and two people will get to be able to CONTINUE to do this.

A hearty "YOU ROCK" goes out to the CERT members that sent letters expressing your concerns over the CERT budget issue. The district supervisors read each letter, they listened to every phone message. (And they suffered through a really horrible, but heartfelt speech I gave to them as well :) Without this outpouring of CERT support the outcome could have been VERY different.

It is through your efforts that we keep our world class CERT program as it is-alive, active and ever expanding.

Thanks to all of you!!

your volunteer PIO