Thursday, April 2, 2009

CERT 38-Welcome to the CERT family!

Hi folks,
A new CERT 2 class started this evening;CERT 38. On behalf of Fairfax County CERT, welcome to the family!
Tonight each of you new CERT members gained 373 brothers and sisters. I know your'e saying, "How did I do that?" Well,it's easy.You became CERT members! Fairfax County CERT is a great program chock full of people from all walks of life.Our family is unique; with diverse cultures, languages and wildly varying life experiences.We Fairfax county CERT members are from all over the world; rich and poor, young and old.
But, for all the fantastic diversity of our family; we CERT members are one-unified in one purpose. That purpose is to learn how to help ourselves, our families and our communities in times of major disaster.

You will find that the training you are taking can be challenging at times; at times stressful. You will train in whatever weather there is; because disasters rarely seem to happen when the sun is shining and it's 80 degrees outside. Sometimes you will go home tired,sweaty and dirty after your classes.

But, I can guarantee you will be going home EXCITED too. You will be excited in the knowledge you and your team moved a 9000 pound piece of roadway bridge off a trapped victim with 2x4's and CERT know how. Or, you and your buddy found a victim,extricated them, made a stretcher from "stuff" you found at the scene and toted them off the top of the multipurpose building. You will be excited in the fact YOUR victim got the best of care, because you as a CERT trained how do administer that care.You will be excited that your team came through the drill together, with all your team accounted for and unhurt. You will learn what "more rock, less talk" means....and you will be able to "speak CERT" fluently, just as your CERT brothers and sisters who have trained before you.

CERT training builds useful skills,knowledge and a lot of pride. In a major disaster when people are looking for help and normal rescue resources are overwhelmed; you will be able to effectively,decisively help others in their greatest time of need.

The others who have taken CERT training have gone through the same tests and trials you are just starting to undertake. We thank you for stepping up, to making that noble commitment to help others in times of major disaster. Welcome to the family!
I took some pictures of the class tonight-these are posted on the Fairfax County CERT Facebook page. Go to and search for "Fairfax County CERT". Take a look!
your volunteer PIO