Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The CERT outreach team in action, Teaching, speaking, making it happen!

Last night, your CERT outreach team was in action to promote CERT to county residents.

First, our victim actor coordinator Kevin was working with CERT trainers Jack and Jim.
They were doing a class summary for our current CERT Basic class, CERT 36 in Reston.I hear that a number of CERT 36 members will be attending the upcoming CERT 2 training,and many will be coming to the June final exercise as well. Welcome CERT 36 graduates!

Your volunteer PIO and Judy, our outreach coordinator had another task last night.
We were asked to speak to the Chesterbrook Woods homeowners' association meeting in McLean. We did a presentation on the CERT program to an audience of 100-110 people. We had a great time speaking to a very interested and emergency preparedness minded crowd.

Even in the "off season" between CERT classes, your CERT outreach team-
Kevin from CERT 20-victim actor coordinator
Judy from CERT 29-outreach event coordinator
and me, from CERT 14-your volunteer PIO
are eagerly accepting any opportunity to promote your CERT program to people in the county.

Do YOU have a homeowners' association, scout group or church group that would like to hear about CERT and emergency preparedness? If you do, email me at pio@fairfaxcountycert.org and we'll be happy to spread the "CERT word".

your volunteer PIO