Monday, February 9, 2009

Results of the recent CERT admin meeting

Hi folks!
Last Thursday a CERT administrative meeting was held at the fire academy. A lot of different items were discussed; with the goal of making CERT in 2009 even better than 2008 was for us.
Several things were discussed-like a new CERT recruiting brochure, gear issuance to the CERT basic folks, and our pending acquisition of a CERT trailer. CERT is moving right along in 2009!

The new national CERT newsletter is out; there are some interesting stories on other CERT teams around the US-check it out at

Here is a date to mark on your calendars.

Thursday, May 7th, 2008

This is a tentative date for a CERT graduation ceremony! This will be for classes that to date have not gone through a formal graduation ceremony. This is to be held in the atrium at the Fairfax County government center starting at 7pm. Again, this is a tentative date and could change. As more information becomes available, I will post it to the blog.

your volunteer PIO