Monday, February 16, 2009

Listen, Protect and Connect-with your children in disaster

Hi folks!
CERT members know there are many different things to do when faced with a disaster. We all have three day disaster kits stuffed away; our CERT backpacks are always handy, and duct tape and sharpies in quantity. We are all well equipped to manage the physical aspects of a many types of major disasters. We all have the knowledge and skills to make a difference (thanks to Derek, Mike, Steve, and the CERT volunteer instructors).

As adults we can reasonably understand and cope with the spectre of damage and destruction. What about our kids? How would our most precious citizens feel if a disaster damaged their home, took the life of a favorite pet or a loved one? Would you know what to do to help them? Would you know what to say?

Below is a link to a handy guide from called Listen, Protect and Connect-Psychological First Aid for Children and Parents. This guide offers a wealth of useful information and strategies for helping children cope with, and emotionally recover from disaster. This guide is great for parents and good to have as CERT members too. You can download this free guide at:

your volunteer PIO