Monday, February 9, 2009


Someone just sent me note asking if today (2-9-09) was really the 145th anniversary of the first US patent for a fire extinguisher. I have not found out if this is indeed true or not, but I thought the timing was perfect! Tonight we have our fire extinguisher class for CERT 36 and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, what a great gift for your loved one!! (no, I am not married, why do you ask?)
Remember, the most versatile type of extinguisher to have in your house is an ABC as it will put out the typical types of fires you can expect to find in the home. If you do not think your extinguisher has a full charge, then dispose of it and go purchase a new one. I would recommend you take the extinguisher outside, away from your house and discharge it into a plastic garbage bag. With the pressure released, the extinguisher is safe to dispose of in the garbage.
When in doubt, throw it is only your safety we are talking about.