Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, what does CERT mean to you?

Hi folks!
As the title line suggests, what does CERT training mean to you? Being better prepared for disasters? Learning new and creative uses for duct tape? Hearing Derek holler, "You're killing me!" ? Wearing really cool green hardhats,vests and playing in the burn building?
Here is why I'm asking- the CERT 34 class final exercise takes place on Saturday, November 22nd. We will have members of the press coming out to the exercise; to watch, to interview, to take pictures and write stories about OUR CERT program.
As part of having media at the exercise, I'm trying to put together a first ever "Fairfax County CERT press kit"-a binder with background information on Fairfax County CERT and the event the press will be witnessing.

It would be REALLY nice to have stories from CERT members for that kit. CERT's best asset are our fellow brother and sister CERT members.

So, if you would, between now and Monday, November 17th-please send me an email at with your full name and CERT class number. Put in the email subject line "What CERT means to me".
And give me a few lines, or a paragraph, or a page......... on what CERT means to you. What would you say to a reporter if one asked what CERT meant to you? Speak up,this is your chance. Let people know! what CERT means to you.
Each one I get will be included in the press kit; but I do need to have them all in my hands by Monday November 17th.
Thank you all for your help on this; let's make the Fairfax County CERT voice-your voice, our voices; heard- loud and proud!

your volunteer PIO