Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congratulations to CERT 34 and CERT 35!

Hi folks,
On Saturday November 22nd another group of citizens became part of our Fairfax County CERT community. Our CERT 2 class, CERT 34 AND our first CERT basic class, CERT 35 both completed the final exercise on a very cold day. You had lots of victims to rescue, triage and treat, and you all did fine. Welcome, new CERT brothers and sisters! Each of you stood up to the test of preparing yourselves, your families and your community for the prospect of major disaster. Each of you excelled at the task!
I wanted to throw in some special mention to the CERT 35 class. The CERT 35 class is our first ever basic CERT class, and frankly I couldn't tell you apart from the CERT 34 class members. AWESOME job, CERT 35. A huge "YOU ROCK" go out to the CERT basic training team of Jack and Susy, you two as always did a great job!

Everyone did a great job Saturday-so good they made the papers! Check out this link-

Congratulations, CERT 34 and CERT 35!
your volunteer PIO