Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just take a moment...

Take a moment from your busy day this week to reflect, a member of our Public Safety Family has left us. Take a moment to remind yourself, that 2nd Lt Frank Stecco (42) was out in the field training with rescue operations, making sure they are top-notch and well prepared for emergencies. Take a moment to remember that our Family does this and takes risks everyday. Remember that this 19 year veteran of the Fairfax County Police Department was doing what he loved, he would have done nothing else. Remember that he was well respected, loved and will be missed. Most of all do not forget that he leaves behind a wife and 3 children, that he loved.

As our Family mourns this coming week, take moment to remember that we too train to make sure we are top-notch and well prepared. We make sure our family and neighbors are safe. We do this because we love it and want to make a difference. We honor Lt Stecco as we too would do nothing else.

Take a moment this week to make a difference, thank a member of our Public Safety Family, thank your family. Thank God that we have Family like Lt Stecco, that is a role model for us. Most of all, just take a moment and grieve.