Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hey CERT 34-Wanna play? As a victim at Capitol Shield?

Hi folks!
As you all know, CERT is scheduled to participate in the national capitol regions' Capitol Shield exercise on Monday, October 27th. CERT will be participating as victims, and for the first time as responders too.
Some of you currently taking CERT classes (CERT 34) have expressed interest to me and others in participating in this exercise. Unfortunately, you have not graduated from CERT training and the responder role in this exercise is for CERT graduates only.


After consulting with and clearing this with our victim actor coordinator and Derek, here's something you could do as a current Fairfax County CERT class student.

How would you like to be a VICTIM at the Captiol Shield exercise?

Below is a link to a story from last year's exercise; this will give you an idea of what this exercise is, what it is designed to do, how it is conducted and how important the role of victim is to the exercise planners.

Folks, if you are interested in playing victim, here is what we need from you.
1. an email sent to and expressing your interest in playing victim at Capitol Shield. (Kevin and I are both keeping running lists of responders and victims only.We want to make sure everybody is accounted for. makin' a list, checkin' it twice......... :)
2. Your name and CERT class number.
We need to recive this info as soon as possible. An email will come back confirming your participation in the exercise. A "Briefing" email will be sent out next week with information as to times, location and the like.

The exercise is scheduled to take place at the old Lorton prison site in Lorton, and the following is a tentative timeline for the day's events.
Fairfax County CERT is committed to providing role players and then after being rescued, transitioning into responders only on Monday, 27 October. CERT class students will be allowed as victims only.

October 27th, 2008 – Capital Shield Exercise-Lorton prison site.

0530 – moulage starts with support from Walter Reed Army medical center.

0700 – Exercise Starts

0710 – all role players are placed into the scene

Approx. 1200 – after being rescued, CERTs will be transitioning to responder activities. CERT class student victims will leave at this point.

Approx. 1730 – 1900 – CERT response ends

Yes, the drill starts at 5:30 AM. It will be an early start to an excitement filled day. You will need to wear clothes that can be torn, dirtied and stained-after all you will be portraying an incident victim. More details will be sent out in the briefing email.

Folks, If you want to see some of the things you're learning in class put in action, this will be an ideal way to do it. If your'e interested just let us know.

your volunteer PIO