Monday, October 6, 2008

FEMA online NIMS classes updated

Here is some information regarding updates to several of the FEMA online NIMS ICS courses. For those CERT members who have taken these courses, there is no need to retake them. Per Derek, your current course certificates are still valid.
For those CERTs who have not taken advantage of this free online training resource, point your web browser to . FEMA offers a large number of interesting classes you can take online through the Independent Study Program. Oh, did I mention the training is FREE?

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Independent Study Program Course Updates and Reminders

Several Independent Study Program (ISP) courses relating to National Incident Management System (NIMS) training have been updated recently.

The IS-100 has been revised and released as the IS-100.a. The Independent Study Program (ISP) stopped accepting IS-100 exam forms as of August 31, 2008. All students must now submit the revised IS-100.a. The interactive web-based course and downloads for classroom are available online at the ISP website, (select "NIMS Courses" from the main menu and then select IS-100.a from the listing).

Instructors providing classroom training and submitting final exams as a group for IS-100.a via paper OpScan forms by postal service (not online final exam submissions) will need to call the ISP office at 301-447-1200 to request the final exam questions be mailed. Group exam questions for IS-100.a differ from that which is found online. You can request additional OpScan answer sheet forms for any ISP courses at

In addition to the IS-100.a revision, there are coinciding revisions for IS-100.LEa, 100.PWa and 100.SCa. IS-100.HC has not yet been revised. Group training materials are not available for the IS-100.LEa, IS-100.SCa or IS-100.PWa.

The IS-200 has been revised and released as the IS-200.a. Like the IS-100.a, ISP stopped accepting the IS-200 exam submissions as of August 31, 2008 and students must now submit the IS-200.a. Instructors providing group training for the IS-200.a should follow the same directions as provided above for the IS-100.a. The IS-200.HC has not yet been revised.

The IS-800.a was revised in February 2008 and is now the IS-800.b. ISP no longer accepts final exam submissions for IS-800.a. The interactive web-based course for IS-800.b is available at the ISP website. Currently, no classroom materials are available for download for IS-800.b.

If you have any questions regarding the revised courses or group submissions please call the ISP office at 301-447-1200 or email the ISP at


IS-700 has not been revised or updated at this point. All existing materials are current and valid.

We encourage you to always check our website at for the most up-to-date information on courses and course content prior to delivering training.