Wednesday, September 17, 2008

upcoming CERT community outreach events

Hi folks!
CERT has participated in a number of outreach events in support of national preparedness month, these are the events yet to come.

Saturday, September 20th-Mount Vernon high school, Alexandria-7am-1pm
CERT members have been asked to play victims for a fire and rescue department drill to take place here. We are looking for 30 volunteers for the 20th of September from 0800-1300 hrs. Need the volunteers there by 0700 for moulage. We are looking for all ages, but please no younger than 14. Be sure to wear clothes appropriate for the weather; and wear clothing that can get torn/dirty/stage blood stained.
The drill will take place at Mount Vernon High School, 8515 Mount Vernon Rd. Alexandria, VA. Contact our actor victim coordinator Kevin at if you are interested.

Saturday, September 20th-Groveton Baptist church, Alexandria, 10am-4pm (Hey! Two events in one day!)
We'll be helping support the church with their fall festival/emergency preparedness event. If your'e living in the south county area and would like to help, just email me at with your name and CERT class number.

Tuesday, September 23rd-USDA FNS preparedness day, Alexandria 10am-2pm
We will have the CERT booth and handouts up and running at this event for USDA employees. Special thanks to Andrew of CERT 15 and Judy of CERT 29 for your help with this event.

Thursday, September 25th-Emergency preparedness roundtable, Herndon police dept.
Members of Herndon/ Reston CERT will help with a roundtable discussion on emergency preparedness and coordination between volunteer and official organizations. Lani of Herndon Reston CERT will be handling this event.

Saturday, October 4th-Fall for Fairfax-at the county government center 9am-6pm
CERT will have the booth set up for this event, along with handouts and freebies. In addition, CERT has been asked to provide two CERT members to help the EMTs during the event.
We still need one CERT to help with the EMT's and help on the CERT booth as well.

October 11th-Fairfax County fire department open house-multiple locations from 9am to 4pm.
We have been asked to provide CERT displays in the following stations:
# 2-Vienna
# 14-Burke
# 17-Centreville (volunteers need to be on site at 8am at this station)
# 1-McLean
We have some volunteers already signed up to help at Burke and McLean; but we still need more. If you would like to help, please email me at with your name and CERT class number.

Community outreach is vitally important to get new CERT members, and to help teach the community of the need to prepare. If you have never helped with an outreach event, give it a try. These events are fun and the knowledge you pass along to your fellow neighbors is always well received. C'mon, give it a go!

your volunteer PIO