Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reston District Station Open House

On September 13, 3 members of the Herndon/Reston CERT sponsored a table at the Reston District Police Station Open House. Jack, Susy and Lani were providing information to the public by passing out pamphlets and the OEM CDs. A few people showed strong interest in becoming CERT members, which is always a bonus! Thanks to Tropical Storm Hannah, many people were interested in how to become better prepared, regardless of the disaster.
During the Open House, it seems that Sparky was captured by Animal Control for "allegedly" not having his tags updated!!

Once everything was settled, Sparky posed with the CERT members.

Also at the Open House, FCFD brought out various equipment trucks such as the ladder truck and Hazmat unit. The police station also sponsored a food drive by requesting the public to bring canned goods to fill up a police car. At the end of the Open House, the car was filled up to the windows with food to be donated. There were also various displays with the Medivac helicopter police boat and seized cars and motorcycles and rides for the children.