Monday, September 22, 2008

CERT community outreach-the week in review

Hi folks!
CERT community outreach has been BUSY these past few weeks! Here's a recap of some of the events we have attended recently in support of national preparedness month.
Wednesday, September 10th-Your volunteer PIO got the chance to speak to the Faith communities in action meeting. This is a group of leaders from all the different churches in the county, there were probably 100 people in attendance from all faiths. I gave a short talk on the CERT program, with emphasis on the new CERT "basic" program for groups wanting to take the mobile, volunteer instructor taught version of CERT. Thanks to CERT 23's David, who came out to help set up the display and take pictures. Thanks to CERT Lewis as well, for getting us the opportunity to speak at the meeting.

Saturday, September 13th-CERT had an informational booth set up at the Centreville Day fall festival. We talked to people about the CERT program and handed out information on disaster preparedness. It was a good event; we were in a prime display location and had a good bit of interest in CERT. Folks, it was HOT out there, but getting preparedness information to our fellow neighbors was worth it. A big "YOU ROCK" goes out to James from CERT 32 for helping out. He covered the event until I could get off work that day. He had never set up the CERT display before, but got CERT checked in, got us a prime display space, and fielded questions like a pro! Nice job James!
On the same day, Lani from CERT4 had a CERT display set up at the county police department Reston district's open house. As always this is a popular event and well attended by the public. Nice job!

Saturday, September 20th-CERT had a booth set up at Groveton Baptist church in Alexandria. The church had its first ever "fun day", and it WAS fun. We had a prime booth location (in the hall on the way to the free food they were giving out) and we got to chat about CERT to lots of interested people from the south county area. The church treated us like kings too; this was a great event. Their event was rousing success, and we'll be back there next year!

This was just one week's worth of community outreach events. This week we go to the FDA emergency preparedness fair in Alexandria. This event is Tuesday September 22nd, and should be another good event to promote Fairfax County CERT and disaster preparedness.
Don't miss out on all the fun! We have more events coming up ! Community outreach is vital to getting new CERT members, and helping teach our neighbors about disaster preparedness. Want to help? Contact me at if you want to participate in future outreach events!

your volunteer PIO