Monday, September 29, 2008

CERT community outreach events coming up and greetings to our new community outreach coordinator!

Hi folks!
First off, I want to introduce our new community outreach coordinator, Judy from CERT 29. Judy will be organizing the community outreach events and asking for help with them. Judy will have an email address up very shortly, in the meantime you can send things to me at as needed. I'll still be your favorite volunteer PIO :); but I'll be more in the background doing other exciting things. Welcome aboard Judy!
Folks, show CERT and Judy your support for CERT by participating in an upcoming community outreach event. They're fun to do and help CERT gain new members. These events also raise interest in personal and family disaster preparedness among our fellow citizens.

Here are the community outreach events coming up in the next few weeks. Grab your running shoes folks, we are going to be busy!

Saturday, October 4th (this coming Saturday)-Fall for Fairfax event, at the county Government Center from 9am to 6pm.
CERT has two roles in this event; these being manning the CERT booth in the safety island area; and supporting EMS operations at the event. CERT 29's Judy and CERT 14's Barbara will be handling the EMS support duties.
We could still use some help at the CERT booth though. If you would like to come out for a few hours and "talk CERT" to the community, please drop an email to I need your name, an email address and your CERT class number.

The next Saturday is where we are going to need LOTS of CERT help-take a look.

Saturday, October 11th, 11am to 1pm-Herndon/Reston CERT team members will be at the town of Herndon public safety day with a CERT display. Our CERT trainer Donna (IC for Herndon/Reston CERT)
said she has all the people she needs for this event.

Saturday, October 11th-Fairfax County fire and rescue department open house day, 9am to 4pm.
CERT will be in four (4 ! ) fire stations on this day with displays, CERT handouts and CERT freebies (crank up LED flashlights and the nifty new CERT refrigerator magnets!)
Here are the stations we are going to be in, and who has signed up to help so far.

Station #2 Vienna-9am-4pm.
So far, Steven from CERT 32 has tentatively agreed to help. We need more help at this station folks.

Station #14-Burke-9am-4pm
James from CERT 32 and Kevin from CERT 20 are handling this station. We're good here!

Station # 17-Centreville-8am to 4pm
Folks, please note the time change. At this station, we need to be on site at 8am.
We need helpers for this station, folks.

Station #1-McLean-9am to 4pm
Judy, our new outreach coordinator will be working this station. But, she needs help.

The fire and rescue department gives CERT instructor help; use of the academy for CERT 2 training, and support at many other levels. We need to show them OUR support on this day. Will you come out to help? If your'e interested please email with your name, email address and CERT class number.
WOW! That's FIVE ! community outreach events in ONE day. I don't know if you all have noticed, but our CERT outreach events are getting ever larger and more exciting. Folks, we really need YOUR help to get the message of CERT and preparedness out to our neighbors.

The next event (still tentative at this point, I'm waiting on confirmation) might be having a CERT booth at the new NOAA National weather service office opening day in Sterling, VA. This would take place on Saturday October 18th and Sunday, October 19th. This one is still in the works folks, as soon as we get confirmation we'll get the info out to you. Even if CERT does not participate in this one, I do know that as part of the opening day festivities, free SKYWARN weather spotter training classes will be held. Here is a weblink for you on this event:

On October 16th, CERT will be speaking at the Neighborhood Watch new member training session. This will be at 7pm at the Fair Oaks station of the Fairfax co. police department. If you have attended any of the CERT refreshers recently (you DID go through a CERT refresher, didn't you?) members of the police department have spoken to us about joining the Neighborhood Watch program. On this evening, members of CERT get to talk about joining theCERT program to the neighborhood watch folks.

CERT is a growing, lively and vital program. With your help, CERT will continue to help our neighbors in its own unique way. Come on, if you haven't tried working an outreach event, give it a try.

your volunteer PIO