Saturday, August 16, 2008

CERT upcoming community outreach events

Hi folks!
Here is a list of CERT community outreach events coming up in the months of September and October. If you see an event you would like to participate in/help with, please feel free to email me at

September 10th, 2008-
Faith communities in action conference, 2-4pm at the Fairfax County govt. center.

We'll have the CERT display set up here and handouts for the participants. We have also been asked to give a short talk on the CERT program. This conference will be an ideal time to get the CERT basic program out to the faith based community.

September 13th,2008
Centreville Day, 8am-4pm at St. John's Episcopal church in Centreville
We'll have the CERT display there and handouts on emergency preparedness for the citizens.

September 23rd,2008
USDA/FNS Emergency preparedness day-at USDA FNS HQ 3101 Park Center Drive, Alexandria,VA from 10am-2pm
We'll have the CERT display here, talk about CERT to the USDA employees and give out emergency preparedness handouts.

September 25th,2008
City of Herndon police crime prevention council emergency preparedness roundtable/ town hall meeting.7pm to 9pm at the Herndon police department community room.

This event will start out as a roundtable discussion between representatives of Herndon police, Loudoun and Fairfax county OEM representatives and volunteer organizations-and how each will work together in times of disaster.After the roundtable discussion, there will be a 30 minute question and answer session between the roundtable participants and citizens in the audience.

September 13th,2008
Open house event at Fairfax co. police Reston district police station. Members of the Herndon/Reston CERT will have the CERT display there.

Saturday, October 4th,2008
Fall for Fairfax-at the Fairfax County government center from 8am-6pm

We'll have the CERT booth here in the safety island section (believe this is at the front of the govt. center). This is the "fall festival" version of Celebrate Fairfax; and we'll need help to man the CERT display here. If you are interested, please contact me.

Saturday, October 11th, 2008- 9am to 4pm
Fire prevention day/Fairfax County fire dept. open house day. For CERT, this will involve having CERTs and CERT displays/handouts in (at least for now) three volunteer fire stations. This may change to include more stations; as I get more information I'll pass it along.
The three stations already confirmed are as follows:
Station #2-Vienna
Station #14-Burke
Station # 17-Centreville

The fire department gives CERT LOTS!!! of support; let's get out there and show our support for them. We'll need CERT's to man the displays at these stations.

If you are interested in helping out at ANY of these outreach events; please contact me at with your name, your CERT class number and what event you would like to help with.

Thanks for your help !

your volunteer PIO

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