Monday, August 4, 2008

CERT assignments for National Night Out

Hi folks!
Here are the assignments for tomorrow night's National Night Out event. Each CERT is asked to report directly to the district police stations as listed below by 5pm. The event will run until 9pm.

David from CERT 14- work w/Lt.Kidd Fair Oaks district
Kevin from CERT 20- working in McLean district

Judith from CERT 29- working in Mason district
James from CERT 32- working in Reston district
Mark from CERT 31-working in Franconia district
Bob from CERT 29- working in West Springfield district
Peter from CERT 2- working in Mt Vernon district
Karla from CERT 31-working in Sully district
Susy from CERT 4 working in Reston district
Bob from CERT 15-working in Fair Oaks district

Remember, tonight's briefing for National night out takes place at 7pm at the county government center, in conference rooms 4/5.
Thanks for all your help and please contact me if there are any questions.
your volunteer PIO

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