Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One CERT takes disaster preparedness across the seas!

Hi folks!
I thought you all might be interested in the summertime activities of one of our CERT members. Andrew Levy, a graduate of CERT 15 is currently in the Philippines. He is in country as part of his company's "corporate peace corps" program, and he's using parts of his Fairfax County CERT training to help better the lives of people over there. He has a blog site where he is chatting about the different emergency preparedness activities he's helping teach.
Andrew runs the "neighbors helping neighbors" blog; you can take a look at his daily adventures at . I encourage you to take a look; there are tons of interesting disaster prep links there too.
And they are adventures, folks. Some of the training and teaching he's doing look to be REALLY exciting! ICS drills; terror bombing response,first aid competitions,water rescues (and dance team judging?)...... I wonder if the Filipinos have had the "pleasure" of Andrew as a victim in disaster drills yet :)
A big "YOU ROCK" goes out to Andrew for helping spread the Fairfax County CERT "word" far and wide......

your volunteer PIO

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