Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fire Department Drill 7/19

On Saturday, July 19, over 30 victims came out to Herndon High School to help out the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department with a mass casualty drill. We met out at the bleachers and quickly got into character with the help of our moulage artists Suzy & Terry. Capt. Stanley & Lt Goff described that the drill scenario was a car, driven by a medically distressed person and his passenger, that crashed into the school bleachers. Our victims were scattered all over and in wide ranges of injuries. The car had a large 2x4 through the windshield, nearly impaling the driver. Capt. Stanley dispatched the units in stages, just as it would happen in the real world. As the rescue units arrived the command and rescue structures were immediately set up. The victims were tagged according to their injures and removed to safe locations as quickly as possible. Everyone was treated and transported (around the block in an air conditioned ambulance). Special mention goes to our Academy Award winners Anna and Cassandra, for Outstanding Performance in a Disaster. I encourage the victims to express their thoughts to this blog, so others can read what a great time we had. Thanks to the Fire Department and Vienna VFD for the great chow afterwards. If you haven't consider volunteering as a victim, you are missing a great time and a learning experience.

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