Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Episode: "Jambalaya Jones"

When you live in New Orleans for so long the food just becomes a part of your life. It's the sizzle of andouille sausage or the smell of hot chicory coffee and fresh beignets. But what if you've fallen in love with the flavors of New Orleans and want to recreate those memories? Chef Lagasse helps Mike, who spent time responding to the needs of Katrina victims, recapture the flavors in his jambalaya.

I was able to catch our own Mike Forgy on TV last night -- thanks again for all the CERTs who came out to play that evening (as well those at Whole Foods) -- I think I got a glimpse of almost everyone! The front part wasn't nearly as cheesy as I feared and once Mike owned up to his rice problem, the episode went swimmingly. The food looked mouth-watering and it was nice to see that Mike has some serious knife-skills in the kitchen!

Way to go Mike!

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