Saturday, July 5, 2008

CERT responders! and victims needed for Capitol Shield exercise

Hi folks,
I hope every one had a great 4th of July. This has been a great week for CERT! We had the announcement of the new tiered CERT structure, announcement of our new partnership with Neighborhood Watch AND we got to celebrate our nation's birthday all in the last five days. As you sit and read, I can just bet your'e thinking, " So, what's next?" Funny you should think that......................

Fairfax County CERT members have been asked to participate in the Capitol Shield mass casualty exercise scheduled for Monday, October 27th. The Capitol shield exercise is a HUGE exercise held within the DC area/National Capitol Region, designed to improve the capabilities of disaster response and mitigation at a national level. This exercise brings many federal, state, and local departments together to train; with an emphasis on homeland defense, continuity of operations and mitigation of disaster. During this exercise, responder units from counties all over the area, as well as FEMA, secret service, US army, US Navy, Dept. of Homeland Security, etc. work side by side.

Here is our part in the exercise. The exercise is tentatively scheduled to be held at the old Lorton prison site in Lorton, and will be an all day exercise. As I get better info on the times I will post it to the blog.

Fairfax County CERT will provide actor/victims to the mass casualty part of the exercise in the morning.
After that part is over, Fairfax County CERT will then provide RESPONDERS as a follow on to the event. We will be integrated within the Command and Control structure that already exists and be given tasks. Effectively, we will be "called up" to assist in this event.(Yes, go ahead and pinch yourself.You aren't dreaming. CERTs will be working as responders!)

Folks, this could prove to be VERY exciting for us. Per Derek, we will need as many CERTs to participate as possible . This will count as a CERT refresher class, folks (because we will be a response component).
In addition, we also need non CERT victim actors. If you are interested in participating in this exciting exercise, please email me at and put "Capitol Shield exercise" in the subject line.
If you know of a non CERT victim that would like to participate,please have them email Kevin, our victim actor coordinator at . Have them place "Capitol Shield exercise" in the subject line as well. Remember, the "more the merrier" so if you are interested in participating let us know.
This should prove to be an exciting experience for all of us!

your volunteer PIO

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