Friday, July 18, 2008

CERT and National Night Out/ "PIO for the evening"-a change, but oh yes, you want to be there!

Hi folks!
We're still looking for more volunteers to participate in the National Night Out event being held Tuesday August 5th from 5:30 to 9:00 pm. The event will concentrate on the Fair Oaks police district, rather than county wide as previously mentioned.

We're still looking for volunteers who want to be a "PIO for the evening"-telling people at the various NNO events scheduled about our CERT program. Being a CERT is a great thing, telling people about the program is always a lot of fun too.

Think about it-in real life, how many people get to lift and crib a 9,000 pound piece of bridge using materials at hand? Triage a hundred injured people and keep them alive using duct tape? How many citizens get to train at the fire academy? How many people have "Jambalaya Jones" training them? :)

Not many, folks. CERT has offered all of us some pretty interesting and unique training opportunities; ones that "John Q. Public" never get to do. On National Night Out we get our chance to relay those experiences to the people. We get to ride around in police cruisers, and talk about disaster preparedness to our neighbors.

We are still looking for people to "talk CERT" to the crowds. If you're personable, professional and want to share in your excitement at being a Fairfax County CERT member (wait, I just described every CERT here!) please, come out and help.

If your'e interested, email me with your name, the CERT class you were in, and your date of birth. I know your'e interested, so come on and let's show the people what CERT is all about!
your volunteer PIO

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