Thursday, June 12, 2008

CERT June 8th Final a Success!

Over 100 volunteers braved the heat to come support the most recent class in their disaster final on Sunday, June 8th at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy. With a heat index of well over a hundred, our volunteer actor staff signed in, received their condition, got moulaged, briefed, placed and rescued through the full scale exercise.

The CERT students had fire extinguisher training in the morning and then responded to the exercise scenario of a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. They organized, searched the grounds for "victims" and perfomed life saving first aid while keeping themselves safe.

The Order of the Arrow of the National Capital Boy Scouts of America, George Mason District, kept the whole crew of students and volunteers well fed and watered through the event.

A big CERT thank you for all that helped with this event (or with Celebrate Fairfax that was at the same time). It's your time and "Can Do" attitude that makes Fairfax County CERT a premiere quality program. I also want to thank Alexandria for providing evaluators (people who observe our training to help us improve) as well as the rest of the evaluator team, the volunteer instructor staff, the firefighters and fire academy instructors who ran the exercise.

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  1. Wished I'd been there.....But, we had a job to do at Celebrate Fairfax.
    Folks, isn't all of this exciting!! CERT's graduating in their final exercise, CERT's being used operationally in not one but TWO !!! large events within the county; and TWO! CERT outreach events happening all in a two week period.
    Two outreach events, you say? YES..........
    The first one was held on May 31st at the LDS church in the Kingstowne/Alexandria area. The county CERT presence here was managed wholly by a graduate of CERT 29, Judy H. She ran the fair and had help on the booth from another local CERT team member.
    Arlington county CERT-Kellee K. came out and they "tagteamed" the display. LOTS of response from this one for both Fairfax county AND Arlington CERT. Folks,give Judy a big "YOU ROCK" for doing this. This was Judy's first time at handling the CERT booth; and she stood up to the challenge and excelled at it.
    The other outreach event was Celebrate Fairfax, and you can read about it on the blog.
    In this same time period, one of our CERT's recieved a VERY prestigious award for volunteer service.
    On Monday, June 2nd, CERT 15 class graduate Andrew Levy (and his 5 year old daughter Gabrielle) recieved the Lord and Lady Fairfax award. This award is given for exemplary service to the community. As chairman of the county Citizen Corps council (and the CERT representative too), Andrew has worked hard from an administrative end to further ALL of the Citizen Corps programs.Andrew has worked over 1250 ! hours in volunteeer service to help better the lives of our county residents. A big "YOU ROCK" goes out to Andrew and Gabrielle!
    I would have posted all of this earlier; but folks I just didn't have the time.........All of these events/awards/activities have taken place in just the first two weeks. I can't wait! to see what the next two weeks will bring!
    You have to admit; it's certainly an exciting time to be a Fairfax County CERT member.

    your volunteer PIO


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