Thursday, June 5, 2008

CERT assists Fairfax County Fire & Rescue at Herndon Festival

CERT members provided operational assistance at the 2008 Herndon Festival which occurred May 29th thru June 1st. We were assigned tasking by the on-site command based upon the number of CERT members available at any given time. The CERT members were assigned to run teams which either strolled the grounds in case of need or responding to a known situation. The duties that were performed with the run teams included providing extra support and stability to a stretcher in transit, clearing a path in the crowds for the stretchers and personnel, keeping a watchful eye on a scene for safety while the EMT’s were treating the patient and many other small, but necessary, tasks. While at the First Aid Station, assistance was provided in the daily set up and/or take down of equipment, giving of directions, comforting lost children (even one for a second time), and providing screening while patients were being attended too.

The CERT members were quickly integrated within the command and made to feel welcome by all members of the Fire & Rescue. This event also provided an ideal opportunity to provide awareness to the CERT program both with the Fire & Rescue members and the general public.

A big Thank You! goes out to CERT members, Lani Young, Jack Ledgerwood, Susy Ledgerwood, Jim Raba, and Pam Peacock for their efforts throughout the four day event. As with any event, some days were busier than others, but more CERT folks would have been welcome. Please consider helping out these events in the future, you get the great opportunity to watch and learn from the best, that is Fairfax County Fire & Rescue.

Jack Ledgerwood

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