Friday, May 9, 2008

Upcoming community outreach events - and, it's not a's an opportunity!

Hi folks!
We have a number of really good community outreach events coming up in the next few weeks. Here are the events that are coming up:

May 24-26- The Viva Vienna festival, Vienna, VA

May 29th-June 1st- The Herndon Town festival

May 31st-The LDS emergency preparedness fair in Kingstowne, Alexandria

June 6,7,and 8th-Celebrate Fairfax-at the government center in Fairfax

All of these events afford CERT a golden oppurtunity to promote the CERT program to our neighbors and community at large.

But, with all the good comes a bit of bad....As you all know I attend every outreach event. Well, I asked time off from my job to attend to these events-and was denied the time off.
So, I am asking for help running the Viva Vienna event, the Herndon town festival and the LDS emergency preparedness fair.
What we need are:
two or more people to work the Viva Vienna event
two or more to work the Herndon festival,
at least one person for the LDS prep fair event.

Please email me at the new address if you are interested in helping out.We can sure use the help! I can give additionl details to you. We also need lots of volunteers to work the Celebrate Fairfax event too.

Please email me if interested.
your volunteer PIO

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