Thursday, May 22, 2008

CERT events update and a request for assistance

Hi folks!
Here is an update on some of the CERT community outreach events coming up. Lots of exciting things happening here folks!

Viva Vienna-
Due to some unforseen problems, CERT does not have a booth at this event this weekend. We'll try for next year!

Herndon Festival-Thursday May 29th through Sunday June 1st
Our CERT instructor Steve Willey is looking for assistance for this event in an operational capacity; if your'e interested please contact Cert Donna Ennis at for details.

LDS emergency preparedness Fair, Alexandria-May 31st 9am to 1 pm.
CERT 29's Judy H. has stepped up to the plate to man our booth here.(THANKS Judy!) In addition Kellee from Arlington co. CERT is going to be there talking about the Arlington Co. CERT program. Would you like to help at this event? Email me at .

Celebrate Fairfax-Friday June 6th through Sunday June 8th
This is going to be a huge event; not only for the county but for CERT as well. We have several things going on at this event; all of them VERY good.
We will have a brand NEW CERT display for the CERT booth! (Many thanks to our CERT Patty G.for getting us this 10'x10' display free of charge. Thanks to CERT Denise M. who is working as we speak making artwork for it). We will also have our first ever "freebies" for this event. We have LED "no batteries required"type flashlights with the CERT logo imprinted on them to hand out to the public.

We also have a request from Dana Powers of the Fairfax County fire and rescue department to assist operationally at this event. The fire and rescue dept. will be running lost child stations on the event grounds (the Fairfax Co. government center) and wants CERT's to help staff the stations. We would need one or two CERT volunteers for each station to assist.
Here's the plan, folks.

Friday, June 6th, 6pm to 9pm
Fire and rescue dept have two lost child stations running from 6pm to 9pm.We need 2 CERT's to help with this shift; one for each station.

Saturday, June 7th, 10AM to 9 pm-
Fire and rescue dept. have three lost child stations set up. These will be run in shifts; with the shift times as follows:
10 am to 2pm
2pm to 5pm
and 5pm to 9pm
We would need at least one CERT per shift, per station.

Sunday, June 8th, 10 am to 5pm-
There will be either three or four lost child stations set up on this day; there will be two shifts run.
The shift times are:
10 am to 1pm
and 1pm to 5pm
Again, we would need at least one CERT per shift,per station.

PLEASE NOTE-Sunday June 8th is the date of the CERT final exercise at the fire academy!

I have some people already signed up to help for this event (Robin, Kevin,Patty) but it's clear we are going to need MORE help. Would you like to help with the CERT display? Would you like to help at the lost child stations? If you're interested in helping please send me an email at and put "Celebrate Fairfax" and "Lost child" or "Display" in the subject heading. I'll need your name, CERT class number and when and where you would like to help.

There will probably be 650,000 or more visitors to the 3 day Celebrate Fairfax event this year. Help from our CERT's is definitely needed! Please, if you can help for only a few hours that would be fine! We have a wonderful oppurtunity to "show off" CERT to our neighbors here; if you would like to help just drop me an email.
Thanks for your help in advance, and I hope to see LOTS and LOTS of CERT help there!

your volunteer PIO

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